Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kids say the darndest things…


So my gramma and grampa watch the girls for me while my husband and I are at work and they are just wonderful with kids. On Fridays we get off work at the same time so we go to gramma’s together and have supper. It’s always eventful and so much fun. I’ve been paying attention to the things the kids say and continue to be surprised at how quickly they respond and sometimes in such a smarty-pants manner. Here are a few of the things they have said in the last few weeks, enjoy!



Lizzie is not eating her supper but has her heart set on dessert, so I tell her she has to eat if she wants dessert. She starts crying and Adie says, “Aaah, I hate it when she does this…” Then through her sobs Lizzie asks for dessert again and I tell her No-sometimes things just don’t go the way you want them to. Without hesitation, Adie says, “That’s just her whole life.”

My little stinkers

A few weeks ago we ate with grams, gramps, and grampa’s brother Richard. During supper the girls are explaining what pets we have to Richard. Adie tells him we have a fish, a turtle, and got 2 chinchillas that just had a baby. Richard asks if the baby is a boy or girl. Adie says she’s not sure and I chime in saying it’s kinda hard to determine right now. Grampa says well does it have hair on it’s lip? Cause then it would be a boy. Adie giggles and says it’s covered in hair and could still be a girl. Grampa says but I thought only boys had hair on their lips like me, Richard, and your dad. Adie replies, “That’s not cause you’re boys; it’s because your all old!”

With the girls, when they are too quiet in their room I just say loudly, “Stop doing that…” And they both come out asking how I knew they were doing something they weren’t supposed to, so I tell them it’s because I’m your mom and I know everything. Well this statement led to the most recent conversation last Friday. My husband and I arrive at gramma’s house and I knew Adie was supposed to receive her book club books that day, so I asked her if she had new books in her backpack, she looked at me strange and asked “How did you know I got new books?” So I say because I’m your mom and I know everything….Then she says “ummm… actually you don’t” I immediately start laughing and gramma comes to my rescue telling Adie that mommy is actually pretty smart, Adie replied, “Yeah maybe but she still doesn’t know everything.”

Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Intro to the blogger world!

So I have never blogged before but one of the girls I work with has been doing it for a while and I thought it sounded very interesting. The reason I chose to finally go online is because Kristen is so open about things going on in her life and honestly I look at it as a stress release.

My name is Breanne but I go by Breezy. I am 26 years old, I have my seventh wedding anniversary coming up in January and my husband and I have two beautiful wonderful little girls; Adie who just turned 6 two weeks ago, and Lizzie who will be 5 in April.

Not to start my blog off on an ominous mood but tonight “Taken” is on FX. I have seen it several times before but for some reason I am now seeing it in a different way. I used to watch the show as a young woman thinking that something like being kidnapped in a foreign country could be easily avoided as long as you stay aware. However now I feel like I’m seeing it as a mother and to be completely honest it’s scaring the crap out of me.  I wish that in a safe, humane way I could almost lock my kids in the house forever in order to keep them safe. I worry about not only vacations in other countries but even here at home as well now too. With all of the unexplained shootings that have been happening all over the country I cant help but freak out a bit when we go to mass transit public places. Like I tolf my husband tonight, back when we were young - people commited crimes against people that they knew, but now it has competely changed and people are pretty much turning crazy and shooting up anywhere and anyone!!! What the heckles is going on!?!?
One of the nicknames I have at work is being the “Grimm Reaper” because I try as hard as possible to prepare myself for all sorts of possibilities based on other people’s misfortunes.

Watching this movie I am positive that I am willing to do everything in my power to never allow my girls to leave the country, ever, for anything. I know that sounds harsh and I’ve been told that I act like I can prevent life from happening to the girls but I don’t know any other way to deal with the anxiety.

For instance, in my mini-van I have a pair of scissors (because if the van ever starts on fire I’m afraid that the plastic buckles on the car seat and booster will melt together making it impossible to get the kids out) I also have a flare gun, an LED light that blinks either red or green, a bag of trail mix, a sleeping bag, 2 queen size blankets, sneakers and flip flops for all members of the fam, and underwear and pants for all. To say the least…I’m a planner.
Thank you to anyone that reads this! Have a wonderful holiday season!